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Ashley Power
I used this company last week, from start to finish the job was very professional from the customer services to the installation. Rang a few companies before I picked this one, pricing was competitive and fair
Joseph Tuck
Perfect installer of solar panels, nice clean job and professional workmanship. Would 100% use again and recommend for anyone looking for knowledgeable solar installers.
Natasha Stones
Fantastic installation. Responded well to questions and found the best solution for my property. Would recommend for getting solar.

Solar Panel & Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

Aero Renewable Solutions provides a variety of services aimed at assisting you in both saving money and installing renewable technologies. Our services are available in Newark, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, and nearby areas, where we specialize in the installation of Solar Panels, Electric Car Charging units, and Battery Storage solutions.


Years Experience

Solar Panel & Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

Aero Renewable Solutions have 10 years experience in the installation of Renewable Technologies.

Solar PV is an environmentally friendly method of generating power for your home or premises. Photovoltaic cells within solar panels convert sunlight into a direct current of electricity, which can be utilized to power any electrical appliances in your home, including EV chargers. Additionally, any excess electricity that you do not consume is fed back into the grid, resulting in monetary compensation. Starting from 1st January 2020, this compensation is facilitated by the Smart Export Guarantee, provided by your electricity supplier, effectively making your solar system a source of income.

As a member of RECC, we offer our customers a workmanship warranty of up to 10 years through our Quality Assurance Guarantee. Our team consists of experienced professionals from the electrical, roofing, and renewable energy industries. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the high quality of our services, and we will go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction with the installation of your new solar panel system. If you would like references from our satisfied customers, we would be more than happy to provide them to you.


Sustainable EV Charging

Aero Renewable Solutions offer a range of services to help you save money and the planet. We cover Newark, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and surrounding areas installing Solar Panels, Electric Car Charging units and Battery Storage solutions.

Are you curious about the potential savings from solar PV? Although the initial cost may be high, the long-term energy bill savings are substantial. Installing solar panels can provide a highly favourable return on investment. Solar charging is environmentally friendly.

By utilizing renewable solar energy to power your electric vehicle, you can drive with the knowledge that your journey is as clean and sustainable as possible. You are actively reducing your carbon footprint from transportation, which is a commendable effort.

Electrify your entire household.

Once you have made the initial investment in solar PV, there are no limitations to electrifying your entire home. Every aspect of your residence can benefit from solar-generated power. Streamline your EV charging process.

Lastly, charging your electric vehicle at home offers convenience. You have full control over when you plug in and can always rely on its availability. It can be frustrating to arrive at a public charging station only to find it occupied, blocked, or out of order. Additionally, you have complete knowledge of the cost of charging your vehicle at home, down to the exact penny.

Renewable energy and Microgeneration technologies

Aero Renewable Solutions have 10 years experience in the installation of renewable technologies.

Solar panels offer the most discreet and noiseless method of producing sustainable energy within the confines of your own residence. Upon installation, solar panels require minimal upkeep and offer noise-free energy production, even during overcast weather conditions.

You have the option to maintain simplicity by solely utilizing panels or enhance your setup by incorporating batteries to store the energy generated for use during evenings or when natural light is scarce. Compared to wind turbines, solar panels are less conspicuous and emit less noise, while also being more readily available than hydroelectric power. Embracing solar energy is undoubtedly the logical approach to circumvent exorbitant energy bills and gain autonomy over your energy requirements.


The Future Is Electric, And It’s Available Now

Reduce the planet’s carbon footprint, one solar panel installation at a time

We can install solar panels on domestic and commercial properties. By Installing solar you can reduce your electricity bills and do your part to give something back to the planet.


Aero Renewable Solutions an accredited installer under the Microgeneration Certificate Scheme which regulates the solar industry and ensures we comply to the highest standards. We have 10 years experience in the installation of renewable technologies.